Take Your Craft to the Next Level

January 29, 2018

Malt barley growers are in a league of their own. It’s your unique combination of skill and passion that helps to produce a crop that meets the stringent quality requirements for malt.

“Malt barley growers lay it on the line every season,” says Bryan Ulmer, Product Evaluation Scientist, Cereals at Syngenta Canada. “They take on risks and make significant investments in order to achieve malt. We recognize the challenges they face and want to support their efforts.”

That support has taken shape with Malt Masters – a platform to share tools, expertise and information to help growers take their craft to the next level.

Gain an agronomic advantage

Agronomic insights are key to achieving a higher degree of success. Growing malt barley requires the same careful attention to detail as a specialty crop. Malsters have exceedingly high quality standards and most programs demand mature, plump kernels of uniform size with specific targets for protein, moisture and germination.

“The information you’ll receive through Malt Masters will help support your agronomic know-how and ensure you’re consistently producing high yields and achieving the quality needed to hit those targets,” says Ulmer.

Partner for success

Malt Masters also recognizes that you can’t do it alone. Being a successful malt barley producer isn’t just about growing a high-quality crop. Your success also depends on your relationships with maltsters and brewers. That starts with knowing what your customers want before you even put seed in the ground.

With only about 25 percent of barley accepted for malting, it is a highly competitive market. Strive to be the producer that maltsters trust for delivering quality malting barley every season.

Malt Masters will provide advice on how to meet the needs of your end-users and connect you to experts who can improve your odds of making malt.

“Count on us as a partner,” says Ulmer. “At Syngenta, we’re dedicated to learning about your needs and investing in the development of new and improved seed and crop protection products so you can reach the next level of malt barley success.”


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